Club Events

Club Events held during the Club Year

A list of Club events held throughout the Club year from January to December. Some events are traditionally only available to Senior Members but if sufficient interest is shown may be opened to all members.

See your teacher or coach if you need any more information.

Club Sprints: 
Competitive event for boys and girls – 8 and under, 9 & under, 10 to 15 & over age groups in three stokes, Breaststroke, Backstoke and Freestyle. Awards- Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the fastest times. Held in February and March.

BLDSA Postal Swim:
This is an international event and is held during the months of January and February. The event is open to all ages and is principally an endurance event. All entrants must swim the maximum distance possible in one hour. Awards are made to all entrants with medals for the first three with the longest distances. Team events are also available.

Stockport Association Sprints.(Mavis Wallace Memorial Gala):
Stockport local clubs are invited to attend this Gala normally held at the Cheadle lifeLeisure facility. The Gala is for girls and boys in the 9 – 12 year age groups and there are races in all four strokes. The Stockport SC Team is selected by the Team Manager using the times provided by the Club Sprints. This event is held in April of the Club year.

800m Handicap:
Swimmers are invited to submit a time that they believe that they can swim the 800m distance. The three finalist are the swimmers who are closest to their submitted time.Effectivly the swimmers are competing against themselves but the event allows all swimmers, irrespective of their ability , to win a trophy. Trophies are awarded to to the first three with a Silver Cup for one year for the winner. The event is traditionally held in April.

Long Distance Badges:
An endurance event open to all members starting with a minimum distance of 10m and a maximum of 5000m with with different distances between. The event is normally held in the last 1/4 of the year.

Individual Medal Sprints:
This is open to 12 – 16 year boys and girls. The competitors have to swim an Individual Medly in their fastest time. Trophies and medals are awarded to the first three boys and girls.

Winnie Bowlas Memorial Fun Gala:
For alot of Members, this is the best gala of the year! This is a novice gala for for level one swimmers aimed at introducing the younger ages to the gala and race enviroment.

The ages for this gala are 8 & under to 12 years, all events are relays( 4 swimmers in each, except the cannon). Floats , Balloons,T-shirts, floats and armbands are essential in these events, as swimmers partake in a variety of races where they need to pass the above mentioned items from swimmer to swimmer to finish the race. The one big rule NO DIVING ALLOWED.

There is always a great atmosphere at this gala, which often proves to be very frustrating for coaches, tem managers and spectators(T-shirt races especially), everybody who attends has so much fun and often makes a request “Please can I do it again next year ” Normally held in July, but recently this has not been held due to lack of participation from other clubs, but is something that Stockport wishes to get up and running again in due course.

Tadpole Galas-David Brewood Trophy:
Stockport Association Gala held at Grand Central Pools for swimmers 9 years and over This is a B/C level event using all four strokes and an Individual Medley. Swimmers enter through their Team Manager, however on the night. they swim for themselves to win individual medals.

Jean Bowlas Trophy:
This event is held in October and is a 200m Breastroke for girls up to 14 years.

This event is only open to Stockport SC Members who enter at Club night weeks before the event.

Mike Turner Trophy:
This event, held in October, and is a 200m Freestyle for boys up to 14 years.

This event is only open to Stockport SC Members who enter on Club night weeks before the event.

John Regan Memorial Trophy (for boys) and Hilary Felstead Trophy(for Girls):
This event is testing the fundamental skills for our swimmers in the teaching pool, trophies are awarded to the winner and medals to the first three, in this competition swimmers are rewarded for listening, being confident in their swimming strokes and trying.

This event is held November.

400m Coach’s Handicap:
This is a staggered start with the slowest swimmers starting first. The coach sets their handicaps based on the coach’s knowledge of the swimmers ability, and makes this event a truly competitive event. Trophies are awarded for the first three, with a Silver Cup for one year, for the winner. The event is held on the penultimate Club night of the year.

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